CMX started as an idea, that a CX agency doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive, take a long time to deliver results, or be reserved for big corporate businesses, and that the experience of working collaboratively together could be something pretty special and ultimately fun!

CMX was born, as a start up in Clare's kitchen at home in Hackney, inviting clients with small and growing businesses in to work on their challenges together over home baked banana bread and fresh coffee.

Since then, CMX has been finding new angles to apply CX thinking to, and helping private and public sector clients to unleash revolutionary ideas that make a huge difference to their customers and users.

With a team of associate experts from diverse disciplines including: creative, design, behavioural psychology, data science, analytics, E-commerce and web development CMX can deliver an end to end approach to customer-led transformation and design.

The dream is that one day, CMX will grow to be the No.1 CX agency, retaining the values that started with small beginnings, but big aspirations.  



About the Founder


Clare Muscutt is a Customer Experience Entrepreneur and well-rounded strategic problem solver, who decided to make the leap from client side, into the freelance and consultancy world.

Having held a number of senior CX leadership roles in Marketing and Retail, across a number of sectors, working with some of the UK's best known brands, Clare has finely tuned her expertise to be able to design and deliver industry leading customer experiences and services, yielding innovative concepts that deliver the desired results for her clients at pace.

An exceptional communicator, Clare is able to share complex ideas and insights, clearly and concisely, from board room to front line, and to audiences from on stage as an acclaimed international keynote speaker and event chair.

Driven by her values of competence, excellence, creativity and initiative, compelled by the drive to really make a difference to the world around her, Clare brings fun, enthusiasm and positivity to the people and projects she works with.


Dare to Dream......


Dream BIG!