Service Design tools: Customer Journey Mapping

What are the key benefits of Customer Journey Mapping? 

- [ ] Provides a single cross business unit view of the experience delivered by all customer facing functions
- [ ] Defines key enabling requirements (skills, data, processes, measures, etc.)
- [ ] Highlights areas of importance (where effort should be applied) and areas not valued by customers (so costs can be optimised)

So when should Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) be utilised?

You should expect to receive significant benefit through utilising this approach when you want to achieve any of the following: 

- [ ] Understand the experience of different groups of customers
- [ ] Improve efficiency and remove inconsistencies in the customer’s experience
- [ ] Identify a more seamless experience across businesses, functional silos and channels
- [ ] Design a new customer experience
- [ ] Assess the impact of wider internal developments on the customer’s experience
- [ ] Establish development priorities
- [ ] Develop cross business alignment across the organisation
- [ ] Improve your single overall measure of customer experience

With growing utilisation of this approach there are an increasing number of examples of organisations that are reaping the benefits of either utilising this approach, or one closely related to it. A variety of industries include airlines, hotel and hospitality, mobile phone companies, financial services industries.. and the example in the picture, of me working with a public sector organisation!


Clare Muscutt