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Customer testing for start-ups

We work with boot strapped start ups, and know one of their biggest challenges, is understanding who their customers are, what they want and how to connect with them when shaping their product and service propositions. Founder of CMX Ltd, Clare Muscutt shares her insight about what customer testing is, why it is so important, the theory behind testing and her top tips for start-ups to get close to and test with real customers, on a budget.

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The Art of Service

Customer Service falls somewhere between art, and science. Art when it comes to delivery, as it requires empathy and a level of human understanding, and science, because the way customers respond to it,  is rooted in basic human psychology.

CMX Associate, and award winning trainer, Peter Clark- Lewis shares his insight on how to use the science of human understanding to train employees to deliver the art of service....

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Global CX Challenges- key messages from the Miami CX Exchange

In today’s crowded omnichannel market place, customer experience is potentially the biggest differentiator a retailer can have. But nowadays, that means being able to deliver a seamless, helpful, personalised joined up UX across channels, where bricks and mortar provide something special for customers to experience, and engage them with the brand.  But with legacy systems, target operating models to meet and often thousands of people to take on a journey with you, this is easier said than done. BUT it IS possible.

I just wanted to share the big challenges that came out of the event, even if it just gives you comfort that we are all in a similar position….

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